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If you intend to make it out of Racoon City’s Police Station alive, you’ll need to count bullets and pick your fights wisely. Racoon City isn’t a place you can blast your way out of. Be it a precious few pistol rounds or a healing herb – you come to celebrate and savour every item you find. Yet, as we pointed out in our Metro Exodus PC review, this is a game that is at its most terrifying when it changes the rules. Early stages of the game teach you to extinguish light and master the shadows. Then, in the spider-infested bunkers beneath the Caspian Sea, it becomes your weapon. Your arachnid foes are fatally vulnerable to light, so they skulk about in any dimly-lit crevice they can find.

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From ‘Groundhog Day’ to ‘Palm Springs,’ the narrative trope of the time loop has inspired countless great stories. And then, psychologically, The Last of Us hits you harder than twelve Bloaters in a row. Its moments of mercy and comfort, including that beautiful giraffe? Only momentarily relieving, the inevitable calm for the doubly devastating storm. It’s one of the best duos in all of video game history.

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This gives Outlast a distinctly eerie visual identity, while leaving you feeling vulnerable to baddies creeping up behind you. Your camera’s batteries only last a few minutes, so it is a small mercy that the hospital you are exploring is full of batteries that fit the exact make and model of your camera. Underneath the whip-smart enemy and level design, The Evil Within 2 stays true to its survival horror roots, always pitting you against one more crazed enemy than you have RPG Games bullets for. If that’s still not enough to convince you then take a look at our The Evil Within 2 review. Capcom’s adaptation of its beloved classic succeeds in faithfully keeping the original’s survival-focused gameplay intact.

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Whether you do it by palm reading or break out the Tarot cards, just because these are common modes of telling the future that doesn’t mean it’s still not scary. Obviously someone among the group should know how to read palms so they don’t mix up your life line with that paper cut you’re currently sporting. As traditional a shooter as they come, the focus here is on a rapidly escalating armoury of weapons with which to slaughter an army of hell demons, upside-down baby-face spiders, and weird alien-bears. The id Tech 4 engine was a marvel of its era, bringing an unfathomable level of detail to what had previously been an array of flat brown sprites. Needless to say, things get increasingly weird until you’re battling undead and trying to escape the mansion.

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It’s rich and complicated and both the only life raft both characters have and predicated on all kinds of unhealthy coping mechanisms. And the ending fate of these two is presented in a sequence I desperately did not want to perform.

While not as outright terrifying as Puppet Combo’s earlier work, the pacing and thick atmosphere will have you dreading every new encounter, and playing as a small child only heaps on the sense of vulnerability. In order to find your way around Outlast’s dark corridors you must cautiously peer through your camcorder’s green-tinged infrared mode.

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